Fikret Kazan, owner and founder of Isabella's Pizzeria, has been in the pizza business for about 30 years. Isabella's Pizzeria has been in operation for 15 years, with locations in Covington, Mandeville, Hammond, and Baton Rouge. While Isabella's has always offered catering services to it's customers, providing on site catering of fresh from the oven pizzas was not possible. That is until Fikret discovers the Mugnaini mobile wood-burning oven, and he said, "This is it!"


In November, 2014 Isabella's acquired a state-of-the-art Mugnaini mobile wood-fired pizza oven; the first of its kind in Louisiana. The oven components are made in Italy and then shipped to Mugnaini company in California, where it is assembled and mounted to a custom built trailer.

Isabella's fires the oven with seasoned oak wood. When the oven reaches temperatures of approximately 900 degrees, its ready to go!


Isabella's bakes Neapolitan pizzas in their mobile pizza oven. Neapolitan pizza is different in several ways. First, the dough is made with Italian Caputo wheat flour, yeast, salt and water - no sugar or oil, which renders an airy, crispy crust. Second, the sauce is tomatoes and sea salt. Third, the cheese is fresh mozzarella, which also imparts lightness to the pizza. Last, for the toppings Isabella's uses imported and fresh local ingredients. All of which combine to give you a gourmet pizza experience you won't soon forget!


Isabella's can cater to small or large groups, whether it's a birthday party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, or corporate luncheon. Fikret will work with you personally to create an exciting menu of appetizers, salads, and pizzas. Let Isabella's bring their mobile oven to your next private gathering or corporate event.